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B.A. (Hons.) I Year-2003 ENGLISH-Paper-I
(English Literature-4)

Q.1 Write short notes on the following explaining with reference to their contexts.
(a) The Mr. Bingley-Jane Bennet Courtship.
(b) Elizabeth Bennet’s rejection of Mr. Collins’ marriage proposal.
(c) The OLD Hell Shaft.


(d) The conclusion of Hard Times.
(e) Mr. Tulliver.


(f) Lucy-Deane as a Foil to Maggie Tulliver.

Q.2(a) “Unnatural generally means only uncustomary.” Comment on John Stuart Mill’s interrogation of gender relations in human societies in the light of this statement.


“These ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas’ i.e., the class which is ruling material force of society, is at the same time the ruling intellectual force.” Critically examine Karl Marx’s hypothesis about the correlation of intellectual power with material power in any given society.

(b) Discuss the factors that contributed to the popularity of the novel as a literary genre in nineteenth century England.


“The sentimental endings of many Victorian novels often go against the social realism in their narratives. “Discuss with reference to any one novel in this course.
Q.3(a) “In Jane Eyre we find alternatives to the stereo typical revelry of women as we see women in supportive role with each other.” Comment.

(b) Compare and contrast Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason. To what extent can you justify the view that Bertha is the other half of Jane?

Q4(a)Discuss the imperialist strain in Alfred Tennyson’s poetry with reference to Ulysses and The Defence of Lucknow.


(b) Critically examine the significance of the title of Christina Rossetti ‘s poem The Goblin Market.


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