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M.A English DU Syllabus 



First Year 


Semester 1

Paper -Eng 0101 English Literature from Chaucer to Milton

Paper -Eng 0102 Eighteenth Century English Literature Paper

Paper – Eng 0103 Literary Criticism 1

              Optional Paper (One of the following):

Paper -Eng 0104 (i) Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Drama

Paper- Eng 0104(ii) Indian Literature 1

Paper -Eng 0104 (iii)Ancient Greek and Latin Literature

Semester 2 

Paper -Eng 0201 Shakespeare

Paper- Eng 0202 Romantic Poetry

              Optional Papers ( One of the following)

 Paper- Eng 0203 (i) Literature and Gender

 Paper -Eng 0203 (ii) European Comedy

 Paper- Eng 0204 Choose from another discipline

Second  Year 


Semester 3

 Paper- Eng 0301 Nineteenth Century Novel

 Paper- Eng 0302 Twentieth Century Poetry and Drama

 Paper- Eng 0303 Language and Linguistics

            Optional Paper (One of the following):

 Paper -Eng 0304 (i) American Literature

 Paper- Eng 0304 (ii) Literature and the Visual Arts in Europe

 Paper- Eng 0304(iii) New Literature in English

Semester 4

 Paper- Eng 0401 Twentieth Century Novel

 Paper- Eng 0402 Literary Criticism 2

             Optional Paper (One of the following):

 Paper -Eng 0403(i) The Novel in India

 Paper- Eng 0403(ii) Indian Literature 2

 Paper- Eng 0404 -Choose from another discipline


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