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Writing during the period of Queen Victoria’s reign includes sentimental novels. British writers include Elizabeth Browning, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Matthew Arnold, Robert Browning, Charles Dickens, and the Brontë sisters. PreRaphaelites, like the Rossettis and William Morris, idealize and long for the morality of the medieval world. The end of the Victorian Period is marked by intellectual movements of Aestheticism and “the Decadence” in the writings of Walter Pater and Oscar Wilde. In America, Naturalist writers like Stephen Crane flourish, as do early free verse poets like Walt Whitman and common measure poets like Emily Dickinson.

 Major Victorians Writers

  • Charles Dickens
  • Anthony Trollope
  • Wilkie Collins
  • William Makepeace Thackerary
  • George Eliot
  • Thomas Hardy
  • Anne Bronte
  • Emily Bronte
  • Charlotte Bronte
  • Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Lewis Carroll
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Elizabeth Gaskell

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